This is the Home Page for the Myriad Aberrant campaign.

Certainly this is not an RPG for everyone, only those with a desire to come face to face with the unknown, strange and subtle innerworkings of their reality and their own psychosis will be able to fully embrace the maddening truths that exist beyond the boundaries of the mundane.

Myriad Aberrant will use the d20 Modern gaming system rules.

This campaign will be in some ways vastly different from what many table-top roleplayers may be used to. A focus will be placed heavily upon the following:

  • RolePlay
  • Story
  • Character personal story advancement
  • Investigation (In and out of game material)

Inversely, the following will have a minor focus:

  • Combat
  • Dice rolling
  • Character rules advancement

Again, this campaign is designed to be first and foremost a roleplaying experience that will introduce strange, wonderful and perplexing ideas and situations to the players and less of a math/numbers game.

Please visit the Wiki page for any in game or out of game information that will be important or useful to a player in this campaign.

“The most merciful thing in the world, I think, is the inability of the human mind to correlate all its contents.” ~H.P. Lovecraft

Myriad Aberrant

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