Holman, Missouri is a town on U.S. Highway 66 in Webster County near the Greene County line.

A newspaper announced the founding of the new town. A lake was built as part of the development, and can be found across I-44 from the Ranch Hotel. The other buildings on the site are a rock “tenant house” and a rock gas station at the entrance to the lane that leads to the hotel.

The property was purchased in 1959 or 1960 by Nolan Eugene McDonald. He had just accepted the position of General Manager of Hutchens and Son, builder of semi-trailer suspensions. The company owned Marshfield Steel and Mr. McDonald was in charge of greatly expanding the plant and designing new products.

Downtown is a dusty but nice place the residents of Holman shop and go about their daily routines called Tenants Square. Tenants Square boasts a number of shops and restaurants that serve the needs of the community.

Holman also has it’s own local radio station which can be tuned into from all across the county. KHLM Radio is ran by Howard Bradbury or “Skywatch” as he is more commonly known on his radio show.


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